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Things I Love



















3 Things Chris Loves About Pia:

1. HER TRUSTWORTHINESS - Pia is everyone's best friend. She is loyal and devoted to friendship. She always has my back and looks out for me. I trust her with my happiness.

2. HER NAME - I love her name. MARIA PIA ALTAVILLA. It's rhythmic!

3. HER INTELLECT - Pia is an intellectual equivalent. She's constantly improving. We sharpen each other like iron sharpens iron!

Pia's nickname is the "Black Mamba" from the movie Kill Bill. She is Chris' equal.

3 Things Pia Loves About Chris:

1. HIS PASSION - Chris is very passionate.

2. HIS LOYALTY - Chris is very loyal.

3. HIS PERONALITY - Chris has a strong personality. I love his guns! His arms!

3 Things Jonathan Loves About Arianna:

1. HER SMILE - When I first met Arianna she had (and still has) the most beautiful smile and pretty eyes. When she smiles she lights up a room.

2. HER KINDNESS - Arianna is probably the kindest/sweetest person I know and I love that about her. One example is that she takes leftover food from home and gives it to homeless people by her work in Westwood also offers them clothes and shoes. She is there for her friends when they need her in good times and bad.

3. HER POSITIVE ATTITUTE - I love her for so many reasons but probably why I love her so much is her positive outlook on life. Life can get you down either through work, stuff happening with friends and family and she always stays positive. She has opened my eyes to a lot of new experiences that have enlightened me mentally and spiritually. I am so excited for our journey as husband and wife that begins today!

3 Things Arianna Loves About Jonathan:

1. HIS SUPPORT - I love Jonathan because he is my best friend. He is by my side in good times and bad, he is a shoulder to cry on, someone I can laugh with. He is someone I can trust, and someone I know will encourage and Inspire me for the rest of my life!

2. HIS LOYALTY - I love Jonathan for the loyalty and commitment he has for his family and friends. He would do anything for his family and friends and he cherishes each person in his life. He always commits to his word no matter what it takes. He is an incredible person with so many talents and gifts. It has been amazing to watch him grow into such a strong man!

3. HIS PERSONHOOD - I love Jonathan for just being the man he is. Every day I find myself loving him more. He fills my heart, he makes me happy and I could not imagine my life without him. He is my soul mate and I can't wait to share a lifetime of memories together. I am so lucky to be marrying my one true love!

3 Things Tim Loves About Erica:

1. HER SMILE - I love Erica's smile because its the first feature of hers that stood out to me.

2. HER POSITIVE PERSONALITY - I love Erica's positive personality because she always tries to find the positive things in people and situations.

3. HER THOUGHTFULNESS - I love all the little things she does like getting me cards or setting up scavenger hunts for special surprises.

3 Things Erica Loves About Tim:

1. HIS INGENUITY - I love that Tim is handy and artistic. Like my own Dad, hes a Mister Fix It kind of guy. If something is broken, hes most likely able to troubleshoot it and find a solution (unless its technology thats my territory!). He also has good taste and is the artistic eye for the both of us.

2. HIS SUPPORT - I love that Tim is supportive and proud of my vocational success. He appreciates all my hard work and dedication to my career and I appreciate the motivation and encouragement he provides. I love that we are both career driven and supportive of each others accomplishments and that we share the same morals and goals in life.

3. HIS CALM NATURE - I love that Tim is my best friend. He's loyal, honest, and trustworthy. I love that I feel comfortable confiding in him. In times that I feel overwhelmed, I love that he has a way of calming me down and reminding me that everything is going to be just fine.

3 Things Nick Loves About Holly:

1. HER HUMOR - I love that she knows how to make me laugh normally at my own expense. We laugh together continuously.

2. HER LOYALTY - I love that she is very loyal and would do anything to help her friends and family.

3. HER SENSIBILITY - I love that she is very down to earth when I am floating in the skies she brings me back down with a bump!

3 Things Holly Loves About Nick:

1. HIS KIND & WARM HEART - He's always so loving and enthusiastic about our life together. I feel like a proper team. He has a gentle and genuine innocence about him that I cherish. And the most beautiful big smile I've ever seen.

2. HIS LOVE FOR LIFE - I love his effervescence for life and hard work. He teaches me that nothing in unattainable. He makes me think bigger, work harder and strive to be a better person. He's my motivation when I think I can't, and he always tells me I can!

3. HIS GENEROSITY - I love his generosity. From day one he's included my family and me and has made me feel very loved. My family loves him back and he's been a gentleman and the kindest man I've ever known. He's just simply a great man!

3 Things Danny Loves About Jenna:

1. HER NUTURING WAY - Jenna nurtures me, takes care of me and our dogs.

2. HER HUGE HEART - She loves so much, has a huge heart for everyone - ask anybody who knows her!

3. HER INFLUENCE - I love that she makes me a better person because of her love for me and because of the love I have for her. I also love her big brown eyes!

3 Things Jenna Loves About Danny:

1. HIS EYES - I love your bright blue eyes and how looking at you always makes my day and can cheer me up even when I am blue.

2. HIS LOVE - I love how you love me. You are so loving, thoughtful and generous to me. I know that I am the luckiest girl and my heart has found a home.

3. HIS FRIENDSHIP - I love that he is my best friend. We enjoy doing everything together, we can always share anything with each other. I love that we call each other "Babylove" and "Lovey" and that we have our own language and that sometimes your Boston accent is thicker than mine. I love how patient he is with me. You are always there for me no matter what and you bring out the best in me.